My name (given me while magical initiation ritual) is Samael. I work with magical energies and Tarot cards for more than 15 years. I am also astrologer and Lenormand Reader.I was raised in a small town located in the southwestern part of Europe. It is undoubtedly a magical region in which the time has stopped.Secret and mystical knowledge is omnipresent here and one may even feel its presence. I have been interested in magic from my early childhood. When other boys were playing with toys, I was learning how to tell others’ future by means of using Tarot cards. I was lucky to be accepted by the Master of Magic living nearby when I was only 12. For 20 years, he helped me to obtain the required knowledge. He was like a father and a spiritual leader for me. He taught me a lot and showed me his ways. Nowadays, I see and feel much more than normal people do. I try to take advantage of my mysterious powers by helping others by love spells and another rituals. The payments I receive in return are in the majority of cases spent to help people in need living in various areas of the Earth. My major fields of interest are love and financial magic, as well as spiritual cleansing. I am also one of the few being able to remove curses from interested individuals. While performing my services, I use various kinds of magic – depending on the needs of the client.


An astonishing person replying precisely and honestly to the question asked. He helps with difficult situations quickly and without beating around the bush.
I am positively amazed, but time will tell if the predictions are accurate. Nevertheless, thank you very much for your messages.
Thank you, you saved my relationship!
I would recommend with full responsibility :)
You help me survive the hard times. Thank you
nice tips I would recommend ...
Thank you very much for your help.
I am very pleased with the Samael`s love spell
He really wants to help people.
What can I say, full of professionalism...
I want a quick answer and I got it. Very fast. Thank you
Verifiability 100 percent...
He is a person who is fully engaged in the problems of their clients.
This guy is simply great.
Awesome experience - as always - wonderful :)
Thank you for the good advice and energy boost.
A lot of accurate information
He understood how I was feeling and he gave me energy to live, thankyou
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